In remembrance of Dark Sky Festival

Dark Sky Festival at the Sequoia Parks Conservancy for 2020 has been cancelled, obviously over COVID-19 concerns. For those unaware of what Dark Sky Festival is, it is an annual event in which participating national parks raise awareness of one of humanity’s most precious resources: The naked night sky. If you’ve never been away from city lights, then you’ve never seen night sky naked. Most of the stars, as well as other faint objects, can only be seen when our limited human vision has had several minutes to fully adjust. Also, most of these dim objects can only be seen in our peripheal field. Don’t freak out when you realize that the center of your vision appears to be completely blind! As the Central Valley’s largest dark sky festival, it also features other activities, such as being able to see through many telescopes pointed at specific regions in the sky.

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My first nitro beer!

I had my first nitro beer (BJ’s PM Porter) last night at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse. (This is a topic for another time, but they are handling COVID-19 the right way in Fresno, with their spacious outdoor dining.) The PM Porter had dark, roasted grains that lend a unique coffee presence, with a slight sweetness reminiscent of molasses. The nitro process further compounded how sweet and creamy Porters usually are.

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COVID-19 update

It has been one week, and you know what that means: time to see how drastically different the numbers are. Since then, the total amount of cases have increased by the thousands, with all positivity rates rising. Overall, the case to death percentages have all dropped down just slightly, though, they may start to spike as more and more people get infected.

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