COVID-19: Central Valley statistics

Central California, more commonly referred to as the Central Valley, is made up of at least 15 counties. For simplicity’s sake, I will focus on the much larger and more known counties: Fresno, Kern, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Merced. I will also name each county’s largest city in parenthesis. The most simple stats to interpret are confirmed positive cases, deaths, and those recovered (which won’t be covered for now). Death rate is the amount of deaths divided by positive cases, with the total number of positive cases to population percentage being cases being divided by population. COVID-19 statistics are most often given on a per county basis, not per city. (Though, since each county’s largest city makes up a sizable portion of its total population (Fresno city makes up around 50% of its county population), you could easily apply the counties’ data to its respective large city.)

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Papagni Pink Pinot Grigio

Last weekend, most wineries on the Madera Wine Trail began to open up their tasting rooms again. Mike and I took this opportunity to finally try out some of these Madera wineries. They are too close to us to not try so we made a Sunday afternoon out of it. One of the wineries we visited was the Papagni Winery. As the information on Madera Wine Trail reads, you actually can meet and have a glass of wine with the winemakers themselves. After a few samples, there was definitely one wine that stole the show! That was a 2014 Pinot Grigio with a pink hue.

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